Water & Waste Water

For more then twenty years, Permacolor, Inc. has diligently strived to improve the powder coating process.


After joining NACE in 1991, combining the best of powder coatings and surface preparation and application standards of NACE International, as well as SSPC Standards, allowed Permacolor, Inc. to develop coating systems which far out-perform other powder coaters. 


Permacolor's professional relationship with Jim Graham began in 1991 and today he is a full-time partner in the business.


Jim Graham has been a NACE Inspector and Coatings Consultant for better than 30 years, he is also an SSPC PCI.  As Permacolor Inc's QA/QC manager no job leaves the shop below standard.


We have the extensive NACE and SSPC training and certifications others don't, and we always adher to these standards.


Our principal customers, which include the oil and gas industry, municipalities, Cal-Trans and the U.S.Military, demand a much higher coating life expectation than then a year and a day.


Our coating systems significantly out-perform all other available systems, simply because we work harder than all the others.