A in-stock color is included in the quotes we give. (we have over 300 colors in stock). but howr powder manifacturs have the hole raimbo to choose from. and if you can't finde something from there we can have them custom make a color for you.

same as liquid paints in powder coating there is diferent quemestrys.

POLYESTER: Standard powder coating. price is included in the quotes but in derect sun light and not waxed it will start to loos its gloss level in 1 year.  same as a car paint, wax will make paint retain gloss a lot longer.

SUPER DERABLE:  Lots of the paints are now offerd in supper durable quemestry,   In derect sun light and no waxing it will be about 5 years befor you start to see some fading. same as polyesters, waxing will make paint retain gloss a lot longer.

FLUERAPOLEMERS: The cadalact of all paints, the only paint that powder manifactures offer a worenty.  in derect sun light and no waxing it will be about 10 to 15 years befor you start to see some fading.  same as polyesters, waxing will make paint retain gloss a lot longer.  Not like Polyesters and Supper Durables, Fluerapolemers are only sold to aplicators that pas testing done by the manufacture of paints.  We are prowde to say that we are one of the fue powder coaters that pass that test.  we can apply this paint over carbon steel and still give the customer a worenty from the powder manufacture.

EPOXY:  Great quemical risistent,  mainly a functional coating.  we use them as a primer under the UV stable colors.  Thay are wat is used alsow in coting pipe in city water, city suwer and oil pipes. alsow grate fore rest rooms or anywere there is going to be quemicals to clean them.  Not for exterior application do to no gloss retention in derect sun light unless a clear coat is apllide over them.


POYESTER: Is included if in stock, but if we have to order a color you can look at $100 to $300 added charge.

Supper Durable:  We are starting to have some in stock but limited.  if we have to order you can look at $150 to $500 added charge.



You can select your desired color by clicking on the company logos provided in the left margin.



Five Things to Know about Powders:

1) Applying powder coat is actually a process of 'spraying' powder (your color) onto a metal surface – no liquids are used.  Therefore, powders cannot be easily mixed or blended to create another shade or color.

2) There are thousands of powder colors to choose from.  Permacolor stocks a limited amount of quantity and colors – we have only so much shelf space. 

•  Unfortunately, a request for a non-stock powder is considered a special order and a charge will incur.  

•  Special orders may take 2 to 14 days to receive.

•  Custom made colors, which are also available, may take 2+ months to obtain.

3) Permacolor stocks the most commonly used powders: matte to high gloss black, some metallics, wrinkles, veins and other textures, are available from our limited selection.

Powders are sold by the pound.

4)  Regretfully, there are no cross reference color charts for liquid paint codes and powder coatings.  Actual paint samples will need to be matched visually to a powder color sample – exact matches are not guaranteed. 

5)  As long as the material was applied according to manufacturer's specifications, Permacolor Inc. cannot be held responsible for subsequent powder color.  

• Product selection is the sole responsibility of the customer.  A product's color may vary when applied onto different materials.  Unforeseeable differences in resulting color may occur.  

• Charges will apply for re-coating.